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Bambus Xaphoon

Das Poketsax aus Hawaii

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Das Xaphoon

Ein Reiseinstrument

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Das Xaphoon de Catalunya

Die edle Variante des Xaphoons

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Das Standard Xaphoon

Kompakt und variabel

Xaphoon Vertrieb Matthias Kraft

brian zeigt xaphoonThe special characteristic, which is not really new, of the Xaphoon is the full and sonorous sound.

It is simply constructed, compact, easy to hold and with that good for travelling. For a reed instrument, it is small and inexpensive and relatively easy to learn. 

In the meantime, we have been making the Xaphoon known in the European area for over 25 years. Now, the Xaphoon is well on the way to establishing itself as an independent instrument. There are recordings and concerts and the Xaphoon is used in schools. Above all, however, the Xaphoon is used in interplay with other acoustic instruments. As it is small, lightweight and portable the instrument is great to take with you, wherever you may take it.

Have fun looking around the Xaphoon-site and don't forget, you can also find a Xaphoon forum on this site.


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