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Bambus Xaphoon

The Pocketsax from Hawaii

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The Xaphoon

An Instrument for traveling

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The Xaphoon de Catalunya

The noble version of the Xaphoon

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The Standard Xaphoon

compact and variable

Xaphoon Europe Matthias Kraft

Matthias Xaphoon RegensburgThe special characteristic of the Xaphoon is the surprisingly full and sonorous sound.

It is simply constructed, and for such a powerful reed instrument, it is very small, inexpensive and easy to learn in your own personal style.

We have been the primary agent of Xaphoon inventor Brian Lee Wittman in the European area for over 25 years, and now the Xaphoon is well on the way to establishing itself as an independent instrument worldwide. There are recordings and concerts, and the Xaphoon is used in many schools. Above all, however, the Xaphoon is used in interplay with other acoustic instruments. As it is small and lightweight, the instrument is great to take with you anywhere you may be traveling, whether it is a short walk or a trip around the world.

The original MAUI XAPHOON is still made of bamboo by Inventor Brian Lee Wittman, who has also designed the exciting further versions made from plastic and wood. There are also carrying bags, sheet music and CDs.

brian wittman zeigt xaphoonIn order to find the genuine Xaphoon that suits you best, it’s definitely worth personally selecting an instrument at a lokal retailer. We also offer an online store with prompt shipping to you. The plastic instruments are injection-molded of indestructible ABS material and offer extreme precision and durability. The bamboo and wooden instruments are handcrafted, so the natural materials always have a slightly individual character. These instruments may differ slightly in their appearance, tone colour, and articulation, but each instrument is carefully attuned within itself.  

 In the Xaphoon Shop you can see the many Genuine Xaphoon Instruments and Accessoires we offer.

Have fun looking around the Xaphoon-site and don't forget, you can also find a Xaphoon forum on this site.

Matthias Kraft

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