Xaphoon Vertrieb, Matthias Kraft und Xaphoon Europa

Xaphoon Sales, Matthias Kraft and Xaphoon Europa

Everything began in 1992 when I made a study trip to California during my dance training. I was at the end of the trip and had to make a decision: do I invest my last remaining dollars in a book I wanted to buy, or in the Xaphoon?

I decided on the Xaphoon.

This small inconspicuous-looking piece of bamboo greatly impressed me in its simplicity, its voluminous pleasant tone and its surprisingly inexpensive price.

With the Xaphoon in my backpack and an abundance of plans, I started my journey home.

I soon got in touch with Brian Wittman who invented and built the Xaphoon. He lives on Hawaii, more precisely, on the north side of the island of Maui. The bamboo Xaphoons are created as if by magic in his small workshop from where they wander throughout the world. The bamboo, which is growing continuously and therefore a sustainable source, is cut from the forests close by.

Brian had already made his first Xaphoone in 1974 on a trip through Mexico. He made the Xaphoone while travelling and sold them directly to the people he met en route. 

With Brian Wittman, who is known as “Papa B”, a very trustful collaboration and a wonderful friendship has developed. We spent a lovely time together on Maui, during which Brian introduced me to the creative process of making the Xaphoon. We became business partners and friends.

One year after I had purchased the Xaphoon and learned to play it, I founded “Xaphoon’Del” in the year 1993. I was therefore responsible for sales in the German-speaking countries. 

Well, the instrument was new here, nobody knew it, I didn’t have the money for a big advertising campaign so what could I do? 

I decided on the option of spreading the sound of the Xaphoone by playing it: on the street, in many different cities, at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, France and later also in other countries. Wherever I went with the Xaphoon, I disseminated the sound around like spreading a seed. 

And look! Something grew out of it.

Today the Xaphoon is on a good path to establishing itself as an independent instrument. It is admired, taken on journeys, passed on to others and famous musicians play it during their concerts. Similar instruments have been brought onto the market by other manufacturers. But the quality and charm of the Xaphoon have given it great importance.

Xaphoon Sales and Xaphoon Europa are now responsible for the European distribution of the Xaphoon. Through my participation in the Frankfurt Music Trade Fair and other music trade fairs both in Germany and abroad, I developed many good contacts with retailers. This means that the Xaphoon is primarily offered via specialist retailers today.

In the USA, Asia, Australia, Canada and Scandinavia, further enthusiastic Xaphoon players in the Xaphoon community worked to make the Xaphoon better known. Each of them has a little story to tell about how he or she discovered the Xaphoon. So an entire growing and thriving Xaphoon family has been created from the small workshop on Maui and from Brian’s idea. No wonder! Brian’s positive and friendly personality, his openness and enthusiasm for music and for the people he meets, the friendly and respectful collaboration are the basis for a delightful network that has built up around the Xaphoon.


May the tone of the Xaphoon and its magic move and inspire many more people around the world. May the tone of the Xaphoon resound for love and peace throughout the world!

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