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Bambus Xaphoon

The Pocketsax from Hawaii

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The Xaphoon

An Instrument for traveling

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The Xaphoon de Catalunya

The noble version of the Xaphoon

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The Standard Xaphoon

compact and variable

An Overwiew of the Instruments 

In addition to the original MAUI XAPHOON in its various keys, inventor Brian Lee Wittman has developed other Xaphoon types:

The STANDARD VERSION, made from ABS plastic, the COLORED Xaphoon, and the XAPHOON DE CATALUNYA, which is made of OAK or OLIVE wood.‬

Mundstucke Maui StThe Mouthpiece 

The mouthpiece of the Xaphoon is wider and more open than other mouthpieces.‬

This is because it helps the instrument to create a pleasant, soft tone. When developing the Xaphoon, our first priority was the tone colour. After all, this is the hallmark of the Xaphoon: it is a small, convenient instrument with an impressive tone. Here it was necessary to make a small compromise and give the mouthpiece a wider opening compared to a saxophone or a clarinet. This means that the air can pass more slowly through the mouthpiece, making the tone softer and more sonorous. With such a small instrument, you can really hear the difference. The narrower the mouthpiece, the more nasal or squawky the tone is.‬


The very wide mouthpiece means that it’s easy to change the pitch of the tones. If I press more strongly on the reed, the tone becomes higher; if I release the lip pressure, the pitch sinks a little. This way, I can modulate and adjust every tone. To maintain a constant pitch requires some practice, however.‬

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