Klangbeispiele und Videos


from the Album: "Nomad Spirit"
"Transe Eastern Blues"


Mari Boine & Ole Jörn Myklebust (Xaphoon)

from the Album: "Sterna Parasisea"
"Soria Moria Palássa"- at Oslo Opera House 2009


Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax Quick Demo

The Inventor of the Xaphoon (Brian Wittman) on his own Instrument


Xaphoon All-Stars -- Jazz Guitar

Brian Wittman (the Xaphoon's inventor) jams with Mark Stewart in a studio session


Mari Boine & Ole Jörn Myklebust (Xaphoon)

from the Album: "Sterna Parasisea"
"Ipmiliin Hálesteapmi"- at Internasjonalen, Oslo 2009


Michi-san Plays Black Orpheus on Xaphoon @ Ukulele Mania, 2016/07/23




The Xaphoon Pocket Sax

"Dremfullofzen" uses the Xaphoon for simple Vibes with Playback



"Georgia" jam on Little River Tenor Ukulele and Xaphoon @ Ukulele Mania, Ikebukuro



Xaphoon Medley Part 2

"On Broadway" and some classic songs from the south

played by the Xaphoon's inventor Briam Wittman



Yosu & Damiá, Xaphoon Klezmer set. Slow-Fast

Yosu Ramajo on the Xaphoon and Damiá on the Guitar


Bamboo Sax

"Four" by Miles Davis, played by Chris Tummings


Xaphoon on my Mind 1 Video

An introduction to the "Xaphoon on my Mind 1" instructional booklet and CD by  Håkan Gezelius


Xaphoon and Piano funky minor blue style

A little intrumental edit


Meli&Marco's Jam Session Show - JSS - Xaphoon


Lo básico del Xaphoon

The basics on the Xaphoon



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